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So the good thing about the job is that even if some parts of the office roster are unmarked and locked under pain of death and no pay for a century, there are still cer~tain~ways~ to obtain information! ♥

By which I mean: what are we doing for Tatsumi-san's birthday? Anyone, anyone? Bueller~?

((This post is pretty much OPEN AND FREE for discussion until 12/27. Have at it, folks!))
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Shiny new experimental hybrid relationship drabbadoodle meme!

This is basically how it works: if any of my characters have met any of yours, comment here and I'll do tiny drabbles/doodles about each of the relationships they have! Sound good? OKAY GO!
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I loves me some bandwagon.

Comment here and I'll tell how how hot my characters think your characters are! 8D

...for Yachiru, it's more of a 'how shiny are you' rather than a 'how hard would I do you' thing.
Yuma can sometimes be a little strange to play, because of how little canon she gets. But it comes down to this: she has two basic personalities that she uses. She can switch back and forth between them depending on what's going on. Canon...doesn't exactly support this, but it does give hints towards it.

The first personality is the one Yuma greets people with. Bouncing, happy, giggling fangirl who squeals over people and puts them innadress. Freaks out when camp does crazy crap to her or to people she likes/loves. Rambles on about things that don't actually make sense. A large part of this is real--Yuma's usually quite happy with her afterlife, she does love fashion, etc. But at the same time, it's her way of protecting herself. She doesn't want people to genuinely worry about her, so she gets silly and lighthearted. She and Saya build on it off of each other, too, which is why the two of them seem pretty much on crack when together.

Yuma's second personality is a very serious one, and it comes out in situations that are business, combat, shinigami affairs, or extreme worry about somebody. Or little children in distress, because she's seriously weak to them. It's a quieter, solemn side of her, and if she's sweet or sincere, it's more...genuine while she's like that, I suppose. Otherwise, the gist of it is that she doesn't fool around or talk nonsense. Hisoka's already seen this happen when they got to talking about the past, once--she gets nostalgic and kind of sad. THANKS A LOT, EMPATH. XD

The worst part is that she can bounce from one to the other in the course of a thread, because yeah, certain people in camp can press her buttons without even knowing it. And then she bounces back, usually really fast.

What causes this? Issues. No shinigami is ever comfortable with the job they have, unless they're absolutely batshit. And to become a shinigami in the first place, you have to have some sort of really strong tie to the living world. Which, for every one of them we've seen backstory for, has meant something that causes a truckload of angst. I seriously doubt Yuma or Saya are exceptions to the rule, and all of the YnM cast deal with it in their own way. That's hers.
So as it turns out, part of the way you can tell how Yuma feels about you is her use of honorific. She doesn't really think about it when she switches from 'san' to 'kun' to no honorific at all for people she talks to, or whether she uses first names or last names.

In canon, she's pretty casual as it goes. Hisoka gets 'Hisoka-kun,' Tsuzuki is apparently called 'Tsuzuki-chan,' Tatsumi stays 'Tatsumi-san,' and Saya gets no honorific at all. Which makes sense--they know each other best. Buuuut that's a pretty good indication of how she addresses people in the same line of work, some of which she's known for years, one of which she's only met once before.

So basically, this is how Yuma uses those tags on your name. It's a pretty tangled explanation. D:

- everybody starts out as '-san.' If you introduce yourself with both first and last names, she'll use your last name unless you want her to call you by first name. Or, if she gets more comfortable with you, she'll switch to your first name.

If you're a cute young man she takes a liking to, it's '-kun.' If you're a cute young man and she's heard of you but never met you, it's still '-san.' Older men get '-san.'

- usually, Yuma calls other girls '-chan,' or '-san' if they're much older. She also uses '-san' if a girl younger/the same (physical) age as she makes an impression that disturbs her somewhat. Tomo is a good example of this--Yuma still calls her 'Takino-san,' or more rarely 'Tomo-san.'

- Yuma uses '-san' as a term of respect for insanely-powered people she's comfortable with. Examples: she calls Byakko '-san' instead of '-kun' because he's a shikigami; Tatsumi is also '-san' because he's her Scary Superior; Francescu is '-san' because she likes/trusts him enough to call him '-kun' but acknowledges his power.

She also uses it on those she feels uneasy about, like Kubota, Hakkai and Ryuuken. And also when Tatsumi turned into a second Tsuzuki. That was one of the camp doings that REALLY unnerved her, Tatsumizuki seemed pretty genuine to her but at the same time he was wrong, and she couldn't settle with the idea of him enough to call him by the familiar name she used for actual!Tsuzuki.

- Yuma uses '-sama' on really really powerful people she isn't familiar and comfortable with, or those she doesn't want to offend, like Queen Beatrice.

- Yuma will drop honorifics if she really feels she can trust you. Caesar and Hugo are a pretty good example here. Yuma talked with them enough to feel really comfortable--the circumstances were extra-wacky too, since she was in the body of Caesar's teacher--and so she moved from '-san' to '-kun' in a heartbeat. And then he told her to drop the '-kun' and she was quite willing to. Then she dropped it for Hugo, because she associates him with Caesar. And then she eventually told them about the shinigami thing.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen with many people. :<

- However, the above only applies if Yuma is comfortable with you personally. Sora is the example to use here. Although Saya has dropped the '-kun' for him and told him their secret and Yuma respects that, Yuma doesn't know Sora as well as Saya does, because they interact less. So while she's willing to let Sora in on shinigami business and such, she doesn't drop the honorific and still calls him Sora-kun.

- On the other hand, if Yuma DOESN'T trust you at all? She'll never drop the honorifics. Even if you ask her to, like Caesar did. This would...pretty much apply to all the Nobodies, yes, even the ones she enjoys talking to like Namine, Roxas, Larxene and Axel. If she dislikes you...eh, I'd say the same goes, but it's a moot point since she'll do her best to stay away.

- I still don't know why Yuma calls Tsuzuki '-chan.' I think she might use honorific as a way of distancing herself from the other shinigami. Except Saya. Haha YnM issues.

- Exceptions may be attributed to the abundance of wormholes in canon-land. The end.
Hey hey hey! Offering app-beta services to those interested~! I like getting sneak peeks editing and giving concrit, so. :D Leave a comment on this post--it's screened!--linking to your app, or drop me an email (dranachronisms (at) gmail (dot) com.) Feel free to send me characters whose canons aren't listed, too, because I can still pick out things like funny, how well the app matches the canon, etc. etc.

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...okay, that was a horrible metaphor. Moving on.

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