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- - in the styles of our winter wonderland - -

you'll feel pretty, oh so pretty

Fukiya Yuma
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Very pleased to meet you, everyone! My name is Fukiya Yuma! Saya should be around here somewhere--ah--

Mr. Zombie, you really should pick a more flattering shade of green!

((RP journal for campfuckudie, played by wifebeast! Player can be reached through dranachronisms [at] gmail [dot] com.))
apple pie, current fashions, dresses, dressing up prettyboys, gowns, heartmarks, hi~so~ka~kun, hokkaido, kyaaa, making friends, marriage to luc, my cup size, mythology, no rape for luc, onsens, saya, saya's cup size, shopping, snow, suikoden mouthrape, talking animals, the supernatural, tildecake, torii saya, uwaaah, ~,